Best Mind Boosting Android Games In 2019

There are a variety of activities that you can use to train your brain. Well, android smartphones and tablets have some of the Best Mind Boosting Android Games which can be played for hours at a time to keep your mind mentally fit.

Firstly you need to think about what you want to get out of the games for your brain. How about the ability to remember names? Or being able to observe more details. Also if you are in for Top Free Android Games then do check them out.

Before you pop into all the games, understand what you are looking to accomplish. If there is a list, focus on one of the games for your brain at a time. That way, you actually develop. If you focus on more than one training at a time, your brain will become confused and it will take much longer to learn any particular skill.

Gaming has a lot of benefits if you do it correctly like any other sport. Here are some of the Best Mind Boosting Android Games that you can find so hop onto any particular game which serves you right.

1. Splice

Splice is a little scientific puzzle game being arguably one of the Best Mind Boosting Android Games. Where, you have to predict the movement, splice the cells and fit them into the provided outline. Don’t let Splice fool you with its soothing classical piano music and amazing graphics because it throws some of the best mind-boggling puzzles which should be solved in a set number of moves. This game really improves your focus. Each puzzle in Splice is different, and as of writing this, Splice has 75+ levels with unique geometry. Unlike other puzzle games, you may want to spend some time understanding how Splice works because of its unique approach and tricky puzzles.

2. Left vs Right

Left vs Right lets you exercise both sides of your brain with 49 games in six categories. You can start your daily training with a tap and play four thought-provoking games. Memorize items that customers order and then recall who ordered what. Watch the shapes move and tap the fastest one. Calculate your share of the bill based on the total and what your friends are paying. These are the types of games that test your memory, reflexes, and reasoning. This game in a fleek can help you train both sides of your brain being among the Best Mind Boosting Android Games.

3. World of Goo

World of Goo is a time-killing addictive puzzle game where you have to build a bridge using as few goos as possible to transport the remaining unused goos to the other side. The best thing about World of Goo is that there is no learning curve involved, and those awesome graphics make it a fun game to play. As you play the game, the levels get trickier, though you will be provided with various goo creatures with unique abilities. Apart from all those, you can also compete with human players around the world to build the tallest towers of goo in the world. Being said, having no particular learning curve involved in this game lets you enjoy and makes a spot in one of the Best Mind Boosting Android Games.

4. Lumosity


Lumosity is the number 1 brain training software (at least in their opinion). It definitely ranks at the top of the list for many people. You can use this as both an app and a PC game. It’s been one of the longest-running programs for training, and one of the most well-respected.

5. Elevate

Elevate helps you to read and comprehend faster. It has a wide variety of training games that will also help you to speak better, process information faster, and increase your math skills. Being Google’s Editor Choice apps for helping people become more productive. And yes having the ability to create schedules and calendars of activities for you to do sets upon one of the Best Mind Boosting Android Games. It has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews in a really good way and is regularly updated.

6. Happify

Happify really lives up to it’s helping you to be positive. Happy people are nearly 3 times as likely to remember important data, be healthy, and be productive. Unfortunately, in our society, negative thinking is predominant. This causes many problems in life. With tiny games and reminders for being well, this app provides fast changes in your thinking. It’s not a miracle, it may take a few weeks to truly see results. But, it’s cheaper than therapy. Slow and steadily you will definitely see the changes in your self so this one has a spot in the Best Mind Boosting Android Games. It’s ironic that an app designed to provide positive thoughts has so many negative reviews. We wonder if those people actually used the app.

8. Peak

Peak is a very cool way to train your brain with fun and games. Each day you are greeted with a random collection of games that test areas like memory, attention, problem-solving, and creativity skills. You may need to create words from the letters displayed, paint tiles based on the numbers in the columns and rows, or tap faces showing certain emotions. There are over 35 games, statistics for your performance in each category, and the achievements you can earn.

9. Brain Dots

Brain Dots is more of a challenging game for your brain than a test like others on the list, Brain Dots is a fun physics-based puzzler. Simple concept: your goal is to bump the two dots guess the tricky part, connecting it. Draw lines, shapes, or whatever necessary to get those dots together. What makes Brain Dots an interesting challenge is that sometimes the answer is more obvious than you expect. So this enjoyable game really makes you think. Utilizing a variety of tools like pencils and crayons of different colors and sizes to move through. Feeling inspired enough? If so hop in and create your own story for other players to try.

10. The Room

The Room is a fun-filled mystery game where you have to use hints given to you to solve the mysterious puzzles. Everything about “The Room” is just surprising, and it delivers the pleasure of solving different puzzles. Apart from solving mind-bending puzzles, The Room gives you the pleasure of some realistic graphics, single-finger controls and layers of mysteries to solve.