Best Puzzle Android Games in 2019- Got To Use Your Brain

Puzzle games used to be a simple genre with a very simple idea. Hey, what could go intense or wrong with puzzles. It was the best thing that gave enjoyment while killing time. However, the genre ballooned in a big way on mobile. The touchscreen controls of a smartphone offered a unique opportunity for puzzle games then, the entire platform transformed. A device easy to pick up and play when you have a few free moments. Best Puzzle Android Games is one of the most popular Android gaming genres now.

These days you can find some seriously good puzzle games on Android. Also, do check out our top picks for Best Mind Boosting Android Games might help you to simplify most of the puzzles. Those days of super simple mechanics and graphics with goofy ideas are gone. Some of these games are actually fairly intense and complex with stories and have really good graphics. Here are the Best Puzzle Android Games.

1. Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill finds a trio of heroes in dank single-screen dungeons with their exits inconveniently far out of reach. They then hit upon a novel way of escape: sacrifice. Your job is to figure out in which order everyone needs to be dispatched. The knight hacks at chums with his sword, sending them flying across the screen potentially towards otherwise inaccessible switches. The mage freezes companions into blocks of ice. And the ranger uses his arrows to impale cohorts on walls. You get the idea. The mix of dark humor especially the little jig the escapee does while his friends lie dead and tight puzzles make for an entertaining brain-smashing time a classic dark humorous game Best Puzzle Android Games.

2. All That Remains: Part 1

All That Remains: Part 1 is an escape puzzle game. Players wake up in a bunker and have to find their way out before something bad happens. Each room in the bunker has a bunch of puzzles. You also communicate with the character’s sister over a two-way radio. It’s definitely the best escape room game making the spot in Best Puzzle Android Games by this developer. They do also have other escape style puzzle games as well if you want to try those as well. In any case, All That Remains: Part 1 goes for $2.49 with no in-app purchases or ads.

3. The Room Series

The Room is a widely celebrated puzzle franchise for Android, with three entries offering hours upon hours of challenging puzzle fun. These games are very reminiscent of point-and-click classic adventure series. Each offers hours and hours of entertainment with some of the best visuals you’ll find in an Android game. The latest game in the series is The Room: Old Sins. The story focuses on a creepy dollhouse found in the attic of the home of a brilliant engineer. Using a mysterious eyepiece, you must inspect and find all the secrets hidden in the dollhouse to unravel the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of the engineer and his wife. A classic point-and-click and arguably one among the Best Puzzle Android Games.

4. Blue Wizard Digital

Blue Wizard Digital is a developer on Google Play. They have two excellent puzzle games. The first is Slayaway Camp. You play a serial killer and you avoid the cops while you slaughter people. The second is on Friday the 13th. It has a lot of the same ideas, but over 100 levels of gory goodness. These games are not for children or adults with weak stomachs. They otherwise make for outstanding horror-puzzle games. Slayaway Camp goes for $2.99. Friday the 13th is a free download with in-app purchases, but it’s not a freemium game but totally one of the Best Puzzle Android Games.

5. XOB

XOB transplants an ancient TV into your Android device. Within the CRT fuzz and lurid colors lie 100 levels of platform puzzling, where you must find a path to the exit by manipulating gravity. You play as a square. By dragging the screen, the entire level tilts, forcing the square to trundle. If it falls from an edge on to another plane, the entire scene twists. A single tap and the square leaps to the ceiling, rotating everything 180 degrees. The whole is elevated by way of superb presentation and execution, in a manner, countless other Android freebies would do well to take note of since it is one of the Best Puzzle Android Games.

6. A Way to Slay

A Way to Slay turns epic and extremely bloody sword fights into a kind of turn-based puzzle. You start each bout surrounded by angry foes with a penchant for getting all stabby and head-choppy. On making a move, your opponents also get a chance to adjust their positions and they are vital to keeping track of. For if you venture too near to anyone, it’s your innards that end up decorating the sparse landscape. This is top stuff, assuming you’ve got the stomach – and brains – for it rounding up as one of the Best Puzzle Android Games.

7. Dear Villagers

Dear Villagers is another publisher on Google Play. Its puzzle games are some of the most unique. Included in their collection are A Normal Lost Phone, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, and Bury me, my Love. The first two are mystery puzzle games. You have someone’s phone. Your goal is to search through it to find out who they are, where they went, and what happened to them. Bury me, my Love is a text game about a refugee. It’s definitely something different, but also really fun. The Lifeline series by 3 Minute Games are also excellent adventure-puzzle games with text elements.

8. The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is one of the newer puzzle games on the list. It reminds us of a lot of classic puzzle-adventure games like Myst. Players explore a world looking for clues, unlocking secrets, and gathering the story from snippets of the story from the game world. It plays in a 3D world with exploration and surprisingly decent graphics. The developers round out the experience with achievements, support for about a dozen languages, and a minimal game UI that puts the game world first and foremost. There isn’t a whole lot wrong with this one, but the controls are occasionally wonky.

9. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is new puzzle game from 2018. It features a variety of puzzles similar to console games like The Witness. You have various boards and each board needs to be solved. The game has 18 stages with a variety of puzzles in each one along with a storyline. This is also the third game in the series and the previous two are pretty good as well. The three together should provide a decent amount of entertainment. The third one has nine free levels and the rest cost $3.99. The previous games are also fairly inexpensive.

10. Professor Layton series

The Professor Layton franchise is a series of puzzle games from the Nintendo DS. The developers, Level-5, have brought a few of them to Android as mobile ports. You can get Layton: Curious Village, Layton: Diabolical Box, and Layton’s Mystery Journey on Google Play. The series puts you on an adventure to solve puzzles and solve cases for Professor Layton. The games feature comical dialog along with goofy situations that help sculpt the atmosphere of these games. They are rather expensive, though, so we recommend playing as much as possible in the refund time to make sure you like them.