Google’s New Controller – How Uncomfortable Is It?

With all of the information kicking in, google the tech junkie is also entering the consol area with a new perspective. Google is hard at work on a game streaming service called Project Stream, and we might just have caught our first look at some of the hardware for it – specifically a gaming controller in a newly published Google patent.


The patent itself refers to a notification system working between a gaming controller and a gaming system. The patents in question are for a console controller in the same vein as the analog controllers used by console giants PlayStation and Xbox. The patent image itself shows a small, sleek looking controller with all of the features one might expect to see: a D-pad, analog sticks, and standard four button layout. A closer look at the patent’s text, however, reveals several features that set the Google controller apart from the competition.


As already stated, this is not an official image of the controller and is simply a mockup based on drawings provided in the patent. However, this could very well be a close representation of what the actual controller will look like. We really hope this rendered representation is not what comes out as a final product. Honestly, it looks pretty uncomfortable. If it is the final product we totally agree with what Media Junkie has to say.

More speculation about the new Google consoles suggests the system will be entirely cloud-based where games would be streamed directly to the player’s systems.  

Google’s controller boasts an internet connection. Essentially, this means the controller itself becomes the console, also being able to launch games and access your related accounts on any host device that’s a really big step. Because all you need is a controller and boom you get everything in it.
This would mean an incredibly mobile and portable gaming experience that isn’t tethered by wires or an actual physical console. With its internet connection, the controller could also access data like save files, keybindings, and other settings. 

We may well hear more at the Game Developers Conference being held later this month. Google has a special event on the calendar for March 19.