How To Select a Gaming Keyboard

Equipped like a noble knight, you really can’t imagine an expensive horse having a cheap saddle and shiny sword is to be put in a rusty scabbard.
You also can’t go to a fancy steakhouse and slather your meal in ketchup or play the complete works of Beethoven through a smartphone speaker. It would be a shame if you connected a bad keyboard to a top gaming system.


Gaming keyboards come with highly specialized features that a standard keyboard doesn’t have. Gaming keyboards are versatile and are designed to cater to the demands and layout of gamers. Just don’t let those humble QWERTY keys mislead you. A right keyboard is an essential tool in a gamer’s arsenal, and a purpose-built gaming keyboard goes way beyond letting you hunt and peck – it’s more like hunt, peck, and destroy! Check our list of Top 10 Gaming Keyboards.
Mechanical switches, anti-ghosting, N-Key rollover, macros… if you’re just getting started with gaming, it can be overwhelming at first but worry not everyone has to start somewhere.

So is a gaming keyboard worth it?

As we talked about a gaming setup not being complete without a proper gaming keyboard. There are so many to choose from but the most important thing is the type of games you play if it’s mostly console-based then you should consider getting yourself a proper gaming controller rather than a gaming keyboard. If you want to look for the Top 10 Gaming Controller we have put up it might be resourceful. You’ll realize that competitive players only use highly specialized keyboards, and it’s because they deliver reliability and high-performance, even with repeated heavy use. Crucial aspects to consider include:

  • Build quality
  • Switches
  • Anti-Ghosting (Key Rollover)
  • Price
  • Macros and software Customization

Anti-Ghosting or Key Rollover
This is the measure of the number of keystrokes your keyboard registers at one go. Most basic keyboards provide one or two Key Rollover, so if you press more than two keys at once, it may either register the additional keystrokes or not register them at all. A quality gaming keyboard, on the other hand, allows for more than six-Key Rollover, which is ideal for simultaneous keypresses for most gamers.

Basically, there are 3 types of gaming keyboards:-

Mechanical Keyboard
This is the most attractive option for a gamer. Its technology is the oldest one ever, as it is related to the ancient IBM systems. Their reliability is a benchmark to this day and it’s very hard to invent something better than that. There are 4 types of mechanisms, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Membrane Keyboard
The technology of this keyboard is simple. There is a rubber membrane under each key which closes the contact on the typing plate. These keyboards are easy to make, hence they are low in price.

Scissor Keyboard The technology of this keyboard is used in laptops. Deep embedment of the keys is a typical feature of the design of such keyboards. Convenience is an individual matter here.

Hence, we mostly prefer mechanical switches in a gaming keyboard. As many of us really ignore the new versions and mainly go for the old type-righter click. As a result, only the finest gaming keyboards which are the products of big brands like Razer, Logitech and a few other solely focus on Mechanical switches.

Also, our personal favourit is Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. A result of a handsome amount of money at $139.99 (mouse excluded) in Amazon.