Top Free Android Games in 2019

Well, you got some time to kill and you only got your trusty Android phone? Well, here are some of the most exciting and engaging free android games that you can download from the Google Play Store.

Free android games and a Pop-up Add all of us see now and then. And hey what’s better than a free android game? Pretty much nothing. Unless the game is terrible and you have wasted your time downloading and playing it. We all know that free android games, not all of them are free. Many of them are very close but you need to have a bit of patience.

The bottleneck of freemium games opens when a player gets impatient. Thus, using paid coins and gems seems plausible. The cycle of in-game purchase is a straight no-no to us. So, we have made sure that you should be able to enjoy the games comfortably without engaging in too many in-app purchases. Hope you enjoy the very best list of games of various genres.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile the game that has made it’s name to the top of all list. Not a surprise though as it plays amazingly in all platforms possible. It’s popular, fun, and it works pretty well on most modern devices. You drop onto an island with 99 other players. The last person standing wins. You find all sorts of weapons and equipment on the island. The borders also slowly restrict the size of the playable area. Thus, if you wind up way out in the boonies, the game itself will eventually kill you. This is as good as it gets in the online battle royale FPS experience until Fortnite comes out eventually. Click here to download.


2. Pokémon Go

A  game based on augmented reality sounds preety cool now, does it not? A game that is still going strong after 3 years of its intial release, chances are you have already explored your city and attempted catching it all. This game has evolved quiet a bit since the summer of 2016 and now features some great social events as raids and most recently added trainer battles that finally let you battle your pals using your favorite Pokémon. Since, Pokémon Go has managed to maintaiin it’s status as one of the most popular monile games, it’s still worth checking out in 2019. Click here to download.

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

You unlock various cars, race against AI or human players, and compete in various types of events. The online multiplayer is above average. Matches are generally quick and you can race with any of your vehicles. The non-PvP content is vast. You can spend a lot of time playing this game before you reach the end. Plus, the graphics are pretty good and the mechanics are simple. Click here to download

4. Another Eden

Another Eden is a JRPG, a step up over RPG. It has the same writer as Chrono Trigger along with the same composer. A lot of elements of Chrono Trigger’s story end up in this game. It has time travel to various eras in history and there are some throwbacks to smaller scenes from Chrono Trigger. You roam around the game world with your companions instead of accepting missions like most. However, there are still gacha elements and simplified battle mechanics. There is no energy so you can play as much as you want to. However, our big gripe is the lack of Google Play Games cloud saving. It was a surprise hit of early 2019 and an easy shoo-in for a list like this. We do recommend preparing in advance if you trade in your phone and need to backup your data. Click here to download

4 Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a natural choice for a free Android game. It features simple mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and a relaxing style. Players ski down a hill while avoiding obstacles and making massive jumps. There are also items to collect that can be traded in for various customization options. The game relies heavily on its wallpaper-worthy graphics.

They are simple but effective and the dark, gradient colors add a good atmosphere for the game. It’s completely free to download and play with some limited ads. There are in-app purchases, but they are all for customization stuff so it’s entirely optional and it doesn’t affect gameplay. It’s kid-friendly and fun. Noodlecake Studios also does Alto’s Adventure and Farm Punks, two more games that could easily make this list. Click to download.

5. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is among the newer generation of first person shooters and it’s one of the best. In this title, you’ll battle terrorists in a variety of urban-oriented levels or you can play as the terrorists if you want to. It has a strong online multiplayer community where you can play with your friends as well. It’s still a work in progress, but it seems to hit all the right marks and it’s updated frequently. If you’d like a first person shooter that’s completely free, NOVA 3: Freedom Edition is quite good as well. They’re both free Android games worth checking out. Click here to download.

6. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is perhaps the best Final Fantasy-themed free android game. It features tons of elements from the original games, including actual town and dungeon explorations and what not. It is a real surprise to have such a game in the free android games category. The gameplay is simple to learn but you’ll need to think critically in order to beat bosses and hard opponents. This is about as good as it gets for free titles.  Click here to download.

7. HELI 100

HELI 100 has the standard backstory of an arcade blaster where hordes of aliens are invading. But, for some reason, all your lot can cough up is a single defensive fighter. Into the fray, you go, then, your people’s last hope against annihilation. Fortunately, your craft is pretty hot stuff. You use two thumbs to have it zig-zag between enemy fire, and it automatically retaliates, blasting foes to pieces. There are 100 levels in all, the last of which is endless, and the first ten or so of which are quite dull while you’re learning the ropes. Stick with it, though, because HELI 100 offers some cracking shooty action perfectly tuned for mobile play. Click to download. 


8. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a first-person shooter. Set in a world where mercenaries are rock stars, and aliens are so much cannon fodder, this is a bold, brash, noisy slice of wanton arcade violence. The story and characters here are wafer-thin. But if you’re after action, Shadowgun Legends does the business. Missions are linear in nature, challenging you to be fast and accurate. Combat is responsive and fluid, and you soon find yourself amassing a pile of cash, upgrading kit, and adding to your fame. Click here to download.

9.  Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the multiplayer gaming world by a storm. Trade graphical grit and tactical realism for a zanier cartoon aesthetic, you will get Fortnite Battle Royal. You will be going in with 99 other players in the last sanding steadily shrinking map. A map littered with weapons, ammo, and powerups.

What makes Fortnite unique from others is the ability to build and destroy terrain. Allowing you to scratch build ramps, barriers, and safe zones. As a result, your both building and destroying at the same time and exchanging bullets with others at the same time. Downloading Fortnite on your Android device is a bit of hassle since Epic has not put Fortnite into Google Play. Click here to download.

10. Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series brings the secret war between the Assassins and Templars to your Android device with Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. It’s really cool to have such a game in the category of free android games. This game combines elements from the movie and the fan-favorite Ezio trilogy, allowing players to take command of their own fortress and bureau of Assassins.

Engaging in stealthy missions to undermine Templar control of the Spanish Inquisition. Building up your stronghold, recruiting your own cadre of Assassins and training them to full potential. Be sure to build a team that can handle the stealth, traps, and combat challenges of each mission. Though Assassin’s Creed Rebellion doesn’t feel particularly horrible in its grind mechanics. Click here to download.