Xbox Scarlett New Gen Console: Everything We Know Until Now

Microsoft has recently dropped a huge update on Xbox Scarlett which is set to release due next year.

What is Xbox Project Scarlett?

The new Xbox is being built around the hardware of AMD which is not a new thing. But this time AMD has improved it’s CUP significantly. Zen 2 CPU and new Navi Graphics architecture are the most advanced and powerful technological advancement we can see. The Scarlett is designed to minimize (or completely eliminate) load times and get you into games as quickly as possible. In the announcement reel, Microsoft employees seemed very confident of their baller numbers! The console is said to be four times more powerful than the current most powerful console on the planet, the Xbox One X, four times better performance than the current generation in terms of load times, and the biggest generational leap in Microsoft’s console history.

As for the actual Xbox Project Scarlett specs, they claim 120 FPS, 8K, and ray tracing supported by dedicated hardware. In fact, one Microsoft employee said “frame rates we’ve never seen before,” this claim is just supposed to be for consoles as we know how modern PC gaming is. As for 8K and 120 FPS, sounding pretty fancy, but the unstated reality is that you’d have to be running an extremely rudimentary game even on the most powerful of current PC hardware to approach 8k simultaneously. But Microsoft’s exuberance might not be out of blue. We have seen some pretty incredible performance eked out of even modestly specced console hardware in the past.

We could see a tantalizing tease during the Scarlett presentation that suggested cross-platform gaming as Microsoft’s four generations of consoles on the new machine. While calling the Xbox One X/S refresh a full generation is a bit of a stretch, a continued commitment to backward compatibility on future consoles is very welcome.

The most exciting news for Xbox die-hard fans has to be the announcement of Halo Infinite which will launch alongside Project Scarlett. The lighting and reflection on the Chief’s hands and refracted light and gathering shadows flashed has shown signs of ray-tracing.

When is the Xbox Project Scarlett release date?

The Xbox Project Scarlett launch date will be Holiday 2020. Launching at the end of the year, we can be assured to get some Triple-A games as Christmas is when most of the game’s release.